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The broad range of consultancy services of Sistematic Engineering are covering all consulting1Operational, Technical, Economics or Legal aspects,  being delivered to every key market of the approached Sectors and to relevant actors like businesses or authorities.

Our partners are provided the confidence their strategic goals, requirements and constrains are clearly understood and  turned in solutions that are sustainable, just in time and within the budget.

Experienced and professionally qualified staff are generating unique but inter-disciplinary work streams, these deployed complex teams supplying innovative and effective solutions in response to the business needs of a diverse range of clients running projects of various sizes.

 Operational & Technical


On the basis of  proffesionals skills of our highly specialised experts coroborated with the broad view and global exposure of our generalists, we fully provide or punctually advice on:

  •  Design & product development
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Engineering
  • R&D projects
  • Processeses improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Excellence in technical & operational management
  • Technical sales
  • Risk and safety management
  • Quality assurance
  • Assets management
  • Certification & acceptance
  • Technical & operational due dilligence
  • Procurement and tender management,
  • Environmental, social and climate assessment.

 Economics and Business Analysis


As the goal of Sistematic Engineering is to be the strategic business partner ofinvestors, manufacturers, operators and governments, we help to navigate and overcome the challenges they face by supplying them with:

  • Financial due dilligences (assessment of operating plans, financial risk assessment and business case modelling)
  • Business development strategies
  • Restructuring, sanitation and improvement of profitability
  • Commercial reviews second or third parties
  • Cost analysis and performance benchmarking
  • Financial scenarios and projections
  • Business & marketing plans
  • Comercial & sales studies



We understand  the critical role that legal aspects play in enhancing safety and reliability of a project covering our targeted Sectors and therefore when you work with Sistematic Engineering you can depend on assistance for:

  •  Legal due diligencies in order to assess corporate issues, real-estate portofolio, commercial contacts, financial agreements, authorization and licensing, competition compliance or environment aspects.
  • Analysis and drafting of any kind of agreement or contract
  • Ensuring legal compliance with the regulatory frame work (conformity, certification, licensing, regulation)
  • Statutory and corporate structure aspects (registration, mergers,aquisitions, privatisation, insolvency   etc.)
  • Litigation and arbitration