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Import-Export, Procurement

Sistematic Engineering serves as an efficient trade hub, in order to seamlessly integrateimport1 its global network of world class suppliers with the stakeholders belonging to the relevant Sectors, across national borders,  different business and industrial cultures or educational background. 

Assistance during the whole procurement cycle

Prerequisites for achieving full satisfaction of our partners from the both ends of procurement chain, are the proficient tools, Sistematic Engineering strategically developed over years, with the precise mean to fulfill the above mentioned gaps.  Thus, in order to bring to the client additional comfort, the assistance could be extended with the R&D stage, being the call of the client either to choose the full package, as turn-key solution or only some parts of it:

 Full package for a requested product  


  1.       Marketing study on main features                - [Business development]
  2.       Drafting of Technical Specification               - [Business development]
  3.       Concept Development                                       - [R&D]
  4.       Design and Optimisation                                   - [Design][Testing]
  5.       Select de manufacturer                                     - [Business development][Consulting]
  6.       Supervise the production                                 - [Supervising]
  7.       Acceptance in behalf of client                        - [Acceptance] [Testing]
  8.       Acceptance in behalf of authorities             - [Acceptance] [Testing]
  9.       Logistic services (trasport, warehousing)   - [Logistic]
  10.      Supply chain optimisation                                 - [Consulting]


The spectrum of delivered products/suppliers is practically unlimited, the  most usual of them being described in detail in [Products]. For these and others we would be glad to identify the most appropiate solution for you, in terms of time, quality, price and inventory optimisation, by  tailoring the above mentioned services package.

Consulting for chain supply planning, design, optimisation

Sistematic Engineering pays attention to every aspect of your business in order to  Plan, Design and Optimise your in-house Chain Supply processes.  Providing the client with powerfull  tools the valuable know-how we bring in, allows our partners to explore every possible future scenarios, and get fast and reliable forecasts of the impact of their decisions on distribution, inventory and production.