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M&A, Privatization

Sistematic Engineering took advantage of the massive M&A processes taking place in the  European space over the last 20 years by gaining a significant  experience on cross-border operations completed in cooperation with international lawyers, financial advisers, banks and  consultants in management and engineering.

We can advice either on privatisation driven M&A like the most of Eastern&Central European projects or on typical formats of mergers, aquisitions or joint venture transactions.

Our clients are local and global investors, companies being aquired or fending off hostile takeovers and taking advantage of our knowledge in regulatory framework, the national, regional or sectorial authorities, as well.


Our complex, multi-disciplinary teams treat the transactions in all relevant aspects, performing on request:

  • Targeted feasability studies
  • Drafting of sectorial, national or european strategies or policies
  • Drafting of regulatory frames or specific regulation 
  • Operational due dilligences
  • Financial due diligences
  • Legal due diligences
  • Drafting tender documentation
  • Negotiation assistance on pre-closing, post- or during transactions
  • Advising on post-transaction issues
  • Post-transaction reorganisation, business development
  • Drafting of business & marketing plan and of commercialisation (profit increase)
  • Politics for a smooth transition between pre- and -post transaction corporate structure.