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Research & Development

The experts of the Sistematic Engineering have a significant experience in researchresearch activity running over 10 PNCDI research contracts, numerous other contracts with third parties and over 1000 technical research reports and papers.  

The research efforts focusing mainly on transportation field helped to develop sustainable solutions for various domains:

  • Development of IT systems, applications and integrated simulating environments for the research, development and optimization of technological and technical systems.
  • Design and development of modern vehicles and track solutions for ground transportation systems
  • Development of mathematical models and numerical methods
  • Development of complex measurement chains for applications in railway and road fields.
  • Studies, research reports on logistics and traffic for railway, road and water, freight and passengers, at the urban, national and international level
  • Management and marketing of research, development, conformity, technological transfer, operation and production in the field of transportation.

 A partnership with Sistematic Engineering offers a high level of practical experience, knowledge, relationship and privacy, being a more professional approach and less risky.