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Software development

Sistematic Engineering stays in line with the needs of today’s businesses. Our productsoftware1 mind-set and unique tailored development methodology, promotes iterative product development and seamless integration of product concept, product implementation, and product fine tuning throughout its entire life-cycle.

Our essentials are quite simple: identify Fast the needs of client, build even Faster the software and make sure it remains the lastest way to resolve our clients’ dynamic business demands.

Sistematic Engineering products embed very often complex mathematical models or advanced numerical methods providing the client with innovative tools which add value to his work, help reducing time-to-market and maximize revenue generation.

 Solutions types: 

  • Software Components
  • Complete software packages
  • Integrated environments (software and hardware)
  • Software testing

 Software categories: 

  • FEA software :new FE elements, matrices, algorithms, solvers, memory & run-time software2optimization, pre-and post-processing, tailored integrating shells  
  • MBS software :new MB elements, algorithms, solvers, stability, testing, interfacing platforms, tailored integrating shells,
  • Testing & measurement software: infrastructure, vehicles, materials, equipments, processes
  • Control & automation software : transportation, industrial processes
  • Logistic and planning software : traffic assessment and management, routing, databases, chain-supply, safety