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The Rail can be a solution solving the transport challenges of both the present and the future. 

The global industries and rising amount of regions, metropolitan areas and even average sized towns suffering of congestion and pollution, facing growing transit and freight demands with increasing energy-efficiency needs are challenges that loom large.

The Rail proved to be during his history, safe, reliable and low polluting mean of transportation. Both the passengers and companies see it this way especially when comparing to road or air. But these features seem definitely not being enough when approaching the future.


Sistematic Engineering employs a fresh thinking, new ways of working, better set toolsrailway2 incorporating progressive technologies which are the prerequisite for a Rail able to stay flexible, offering tailored solution,  making it faster and cheaper, comfortable and sustainable while preserving its, at most appreciated, safety and reliability.

Of equal importance for us is to always keep in mind the big picture, avoiding isolation of Rail and integrating it through the concepts of inter- and multi-modality into seamless transport solutions.


railway3Dealing with Infrastructure or Vehicles, Sistematic Engineering through its a highly collaborative approach allowing new ideas to spark and get real, regardless whether it is about the freight or passenger on heavy rail and suburban rail, or about the metro, LRT, monorail and people movers.