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Highways, Bridges & Tunnels

Expanding and rebuilding roads, bridges and tunnels for the safe, time and cost efficienthighways1 movement of goods and people is an important prerequisite for sustaining the growth of economies around the world.

This critical mission for transportation authorities is particularly challenging in the face of budget shortfalls and uncertain long-term funding support required to address ageing infrastructure and increased traffic congestion. For the emerging countries these issues become even more challenging.



Sistematic Engineering deeply understands these specific needs of the sector. We workhighways2 together with public and private partners to deliver and fulfill transportation initiatives. Irrespective our projects are small or large, urban or rural, simple or complex, we bring cost-cutting creativity, industry leadership, state-of-the-art technical knowledge and expertise.

We select and maintain in our teams only the experts committed for providing quality results, protecting the interests of our partners and investors, while meeting their declared mobility needs.



Complex infrastructure networks rely on tunnels to cross geo-physical barriers. Tunnelshighways3 are a sustainable alternative by reducing impacts on environment.

They can protect natural, cultural and historical value areas and reduce travel time, route difficulty, traffic congestion and environment disturbances.