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Power, Chemical & Petrochemical

We have an extensive track record of helping our clients to understand the level of their chemical1operational indicators comparing with the industry, regardless of it is power, oil refining or petrochemicals.

We are proud to see that based on our consultancy work, the industrial processes of our customers are safer and involve lower production costs, keeping them through the top performers in industry. The ambitious projects of our clients can comfortably rely on our high quality engineering services, state of the art of employed technology, multi-disciplinary teams and integration with the other departments of Sistematic Engineering.


The attained essential knowledge allows them to build coherent development and technological strategies and to run the most appropriate modernization and maintenance programs.

 Every new project became a challenge, nothing is left to chance and nothing is performed as routine but deeply considering each client’s needs and goals, issues and priorities. Our professional project management system allows us to take care about every detail while having the big picture in mind.