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Logistic & Multimodal Transport


Regardless you are in rail, road, air or water goods transportation the challenges are the same:

  • Efficient planning
  • Automate sales
  • Responsive customer service
  • Precise operational management

By addressing each challenge individually, Sistematic Engineering makes sure about the correct understanding of the client’s evolving needs and appropriately employing the consulting or technology resources.

We deliver scalable solution, flexible to handle the fast changing logistics trends, integrating the needs of our clients with those of end-users, improving the efficiency and reliability of organization, helping transport operators to fight competition and become top performers within the industry.

Practice Areas:

  • Market Awareness
  • Learning the customer business
  • Keep a flexible organization
  • Integrated systems for Process Automation
  • Improve visibility through the chain-supply
  • Innovative use of shared services
  • Outsourcing
  • Frameworks for authorities


Multimodal Transport

Sistematic Engineering provides consulting on transportation solutions involving at least two modes of transportation, over rail, road, air, water as well as for urban transit.

Sistematic Engineering assists throughout processes of planning, designing, implementation, operating or optimization of multi-modal transport network :

  • Companies aiming to improve their market position or revenues, by increasing their modal competitiveness
  • State agencies and authorities willing to create a stimulating, legal and economical environment able to foster investments, trade , local development and economic
  • Urban transit operators, interested to improve the network’s indicators and the overall mobility by means of urban multimodal concepts 

 All of our partners are provided with valuable advices on required strategy, legal and economic framework as well as infrastructure investment