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City Planning & Mobility

With the unstoppable population growth at the global level the infrastructure is coming city1under increasing strain.  Within this general trend, increasing urbanization adds its own contribution on environmental and ecological challenges and generates an extra need for transport services, in and between towns, regions and countries.

Long-term city planning and step-by-step development of sustainable mobility infrastructures are consequently vital  for the short and long term evolution of  passenger and goods transport, and to ensure healthy and appealing living environments, competitive urban areas, environmentally friendly and safe mobility between any locations of  targeted area.

Benefiting of the extensive expertise of its specialists in dealing with these challenges city2Sistematic Engineering supports the efforts of cities and operators to achieve a well-planned growth of urban agglomerations and, by integrated mobility designs and solutions, a successful future.

Sistematic Engineering helps aggregating the stakeholders’ efforts in a fertile environment for a Smart and Friendly Cities through innovative and tailored solutions:

  • Intelligent transportation networks
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Development oriented  traffic - DOT
  • Public space structuring
  • Relaxing the competition for urban space
  • Shared mobility
  • Park-and-ride facilitiescity3
  • Multifunctional tram and bus station
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Planning for bicycle traffic
  • Planning for pedestrian traffic